Hi, my name is Susan. I am a busy stay at home Mom with two young sons-who are very active with lots of energy. We love being outdoors and travelling.

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Recently the kids said they would like to take up a racquet sport, but which one to choose, there are about 20 played all over the world. Tennis, badminton, squash and crossminton are just a few of them.

I didn't want to be spending loads of money on expensive gear, equipment and lessons for them to decide they didn't really like it ,this has happened before!

The more I looked into it the more I realized this was something we could possibly do as a family. But we all have different profiles. I am only 4"11 but my husband is 6"1( we are both 47) and one of my sons is left-handed!

So I researched but found myself overwhelmed with all the information out there. That's when I decided to start this site, to keep a record of all my findings and to share it with others who may be taking up a racquet sport slightly later in life.

I hope you find the articles and information useful.

Thanks for stopping by.