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Badminton – Scoring and Laws

As I told you earlier we are a family trying out different racquet sports. I have looked at the rules and scoring system for badminton and here you will find an article explaining the most current rules.

badminton rules

We wanted to know a little bit before we went on the court and I hope you find these a helpful guide to badminton laws for beginners, just like us.

The badminton scoring system isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. Some recent changes were made to speed up the sport and make it more appealing to a wider audience.

Currently there is a 21 rally point scoring system in place. Each player receives a point when they win a rally as opposed to the old system where only the server could score.

Why was this change necessary?

The game was not marketable enough

It was not easily understood

Matches were too prolonged

The game was not interesting enough to viewers

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) Simplified Badminton Rules & Regulations

Scoring System for Badminton

There should be 3 games of 21 point in a match

A point should be given after each rally ends

The point is given to the winning team of the last rally

The team leading 2 points at 20-all, wins

The team that scores the 30th point at 29-all, wins

The team that won serves first for the next game

Change of Sides and Interval

A short 90 second break is given when the one side reaches 11 points

A 2 minutes’ break is given to both sides between games

Players change ends in the third sets once a player scores 11 points

Serving: Singles and Doubles

Singles Badminton Matches

The server must serve from the right service court if the serving side’s score is even. If the score is not even, it should be done from the left service court. At the beginning of the game when the score is 0-0, it’s always played from the right service court.

If the side serving score a point, then the side will start the next rally on the alternate service court.

If the receiver scores a point, it wins also wins the rally and becomes the new server. If the score is even, they serve from the right service court, if it’s odd, from the left.

Doubles Badminton Games

Each side has one serve

Service starts on the right service court at the beginning of each game when the score is even, if it’s odd, it’s played from the left service court.

The server’s side earns a point if they win the rally and continues to serve on the alternate service court.

The receiver’s side earns a point if they win a rally then becomes the new serving side.

Players on each side will only change their respective service courts after they have won a rally when their team is serving.

To sum it up , you want to be the first to get 21 points to win a game....easy.So get out onto the court and have some fun.

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