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Squash: Court Sense and Common Sense for Beginners

squash court sense

If you’re already a pro at playing squash, then you’re in the wrong place.If you’re an intermediate or aspiring squash player, Welcome! f you’re thinking about getting into squash, you’re probably already focused on learning the proper techniques – Googling swing, footwork etc.Like most beginners, you may overlook the simple things about the game while […]

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Badminton – Scoring and Laws

badminton rules

As I told you earlier we are a family trying out different racquet sports. I have looked at the rules and scoring system for badminton and here you will find an article explaining the most current rules. We wanted to know a little bit before we went on the court and I hope you find […]

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Common Injuries in Racquet Sports:Prevention and Treatment

racquet sport injuries

Racquet sports test a player’s speed, agility and skill and is for anyone of any age. Racquet sports consist of tennis, squash, racquetball, badminton, paddle tennis, and more.While racquet sports aren’t as injury heavy as some other sports, the sport can still be dangerous if you’re older, or don’t know how to play properly. With […]

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Parts of a Tennis Racquet: Detailed Description and Diagram

parts of tennis racket

Whenever you’re new to tennis, things don’t seem as complicated in the beginning. Oh, you just hit a ball around over net. Seems easy enough. But then you realize just how many rules there are and how many variations there can be. From different courts giving you different advantages to your racquet, tennis is quite […]

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Checklist For Choosing A Tennis Racquet

choosing a tennis racquet

In many sports, the quality of your racquet can be a factor in how well you play. Sure, skill is the most important, but a bad tool can still be a detriment. For instance, a shoddy baseball bat won’t score as many home runs as a well-crafted one, even if the shoddy bat is held […]

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Tennis Courts: Dimensions and Playing Surfaces

tennis court dimensions and playing surfaces

If you’re a tennis player or just a beginner who’s interested in the game, you may not have thought too much about the court you’re playing. As it turns out, the tennis court is quite fascinating. Here are some fun facts about the famous tennis court. The SurfaceThe court’s surface has quite a lot of […]

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Tennis Grips-A Short Overview

If you want to be good at tennis, you need to learn about tennis grips. There are different kinds of grips, with each one having a different use.So, what is a grip? Basically, it’s how you are holding the racquet. The way you hold the racquet will lead up to different strategies when it comes […]

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Tennis Warm-Ups for Beginners

warm ups for tennis

Warm-ups are important for any exercise, and sadly, not everyone does them enough. Warm-ups serve a few purposes,including:Stretching your muscles to allow you to be more limber.Get the blood pumping in order to prepare for the full exercise.Lowers your chances of any injuries due to the warm-ups preparing your body. Allows you to think about […]

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How to Play Tennis-A Beginners Guide

tennis for beginners

Tennis has always been the underdog sport. While it’s not roping in the crowds like basketball, football, and baseball do, it’s still a thrilling, competitive sport that has a great community. With few people needed for a tennis game, it allows for better socialization, and is quite challenging to boot.Even though it’s an underdog sport, […]

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Getting Started with a Racquet Sport – Our Journey

getting started racket sport

So the time had come to bite the bullet and get started with a racket sport for us all. With so many to choose from, such as tennis, badminton, squash and crossminton I was confused about where we should start and what would be the advantages for us as a family. We all had very […]

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